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Lisa Natoli

Lisa Natoli

Teacher & Healer, Founder of The Healing Cure

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Lisa Natoli is devoted to teaching healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone. She is the creator of The 40-Day Program for Transformation and the founder of The Healing Cure, an approach to healing through a conscious decision to identify completely as Love's Presence — your True Self — which undoes sickness and suffering. Her teachings are influenced by A Course in Miracles, Jesus, Yogananda, Osho, Florence Scovel Shinn, Neville Goddard as well as contemporary nondual teachings from Rupert Spira, Francis Lucille and Jean Klein. Her personal style of teaching is joyful, down-to-earth, practical and encouraging with an emphasis on awakening and direct experience. Lisa lives in Maine with her husband Bill Free, a teacher of nonduality, and their two cats.

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