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Regina Dawn Akers

Regina Dawn Akers

Founder, Awakening Together

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Regina Dawn Akers is the founder of Awakening Together, a worldwide online spiritual community dedicated to helping people become Self-reliant with inner spiritual wisdom. She’s published two books: The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament (NTI) and The Teachings of Inner Ramana. Her third book, Thoughts of Awakening: 365 Thoughts for Daily Contemplation, is provided as a free e-book. She is the author of Awakening Together’s 3-year Gentle Healing curriculum and 2-year Minister Preparation Program (MPP), both based on nondual teachings. Recently, Regina created a free self-study course called 500 Days with NTI, which is available on Awakening Together’s website. Regina leads retreats regularly at Awakening Together’s Retreat House in La Veta, Colorado. Her audio teachings are available freely at

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