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Maureen Muldoon

Author, Artist, Community Leader

Dr. Jon Mundy

Author, Lecturer, Director, Publisher

Lisa Natoli

Teacher & Healer, Founder of The Healing Cure

Rev. Tony Ponticello

Healer, Coach, Speaker

Gary Renard

Author, Speaker, Teacher of A Course in Miracles

Jonathan Robinson

Psychotherapist and Bestselling Author

Kelly Russell

Transformational Coach and Teacher of A Course in Miracles

Drs. Clifton & Antoinette Sawyer

Founders and Pastors of Cornerstone Life Center

Rupert Spira


Susan Telford

Evolve Community Manager, Teachers of God Foundation

Amy Torres

Spiritual teacher, Psychotherapist, Interfaith Minister

James Twyman

NY Times Bestselling Author and Peace Troubadour

Corinne Zupko

Award-winning Author, Spiritual Teacher


Wisdom Keeper, Teacher, Speaker and Author

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